Be Careful When Shopping For Health Insurance Online

Without a doubt the Internet has made life much easier for consumers, especially when trying to obtain the best deals when shopping for health insurance online. The ease of use and the ability to quickly compare the offers from competing health insurance providers makes it almost to fast and hassle free to purchase health insurance online. However, there are some important facts, questions and answers you or any consumer searching for an online health insurance provider should research before quickly making a decision that could lock you into a health insurance policy that may not be right for you.

Health insurance like most other insurance products and services contains a variety or jargon and terms that you should become intimately familiar with prior to signing up for a policy or health insurance plan that you may have found online. Most, in fact almost all, health insurance companies will require you to partake in a physical before they consider underwriting you for a policy. Basically, this underwriting process consists of your taking a physical, which the insurance company then verifies against the information you filled out on their application for accuracy. The reason for this full disclosure is so that the health insurance provider can determine the rate or premium they will charge you for your health insurance coverage and it’s also for your protection so that the insurance company cannot refuse you treatment for a condition at a later time. In some minor cases when obtaining health insurance online you may not have your information verified against the actual physical.

As mentioned above, when searching for health insurance online there is a chance that some insurance providers will not do their due diligence in the beginning (comparing your physical to your completed application or questionnaire) and will instead play the odds that you won’t get sick, injured or suffer some other health catastrophe. In the event that you do get ill and need their services they will then scrutinize your records with the hopes of finding a reason not to pay your health insurance related claims. If for some reason they find what they consider a valid discrepancy they may then attempt to not pay your claim or cancel your health insurance completely. Remember, this is not all insurance companies just a extremely small percentage that may do this practice or tactic to strong arm you into not receiving your proper health insurance coverage.

When shopping and comparing health insurance online make sure any application you fill out contains full disclosure and a complete and accurate assessment by you regarding your health otherwise you may find a future health related claim denied. When filling out your health insurance online application always list every illness, broken bone, accident, operation, medication you have taken and any other ailment you may have suffered from during your life. Failure to do so could nullify your insurance policy should you ever need to make a claim against it.

In some cases the health insurance agent for the company or provider you are considering will fill out the health insurance application for you. In the event he or she does this you must make sure and double check it for accuracy. Remember agents get paid based on the business they provide to the insurance company so always make sure no shortcuts were taken to get you initially covered by the health provider. If your future claims get denied due to an error on your initial application it doesn’t really phase the insurance agent hat helped you in the beginning.

Finally, after you’re approved make sure you double check your health insurance online application for any errors that may have occurred during and after the insurance company accepts your paperwork. The difference between a no and yes answer could prove costly in the future should you ever need to file a health related claim against your health insurance provider.

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Health and Medical Insurance – Comparing Managed Care Health Plans

Health insurance plans have been forced to take action to contain costs of quality health care delivery as health care costs have skyrocketed. Health insurance premiums, deductibles and co-pays have steadily increased, and health insurance companies have implemented certain strategies for reducing health care costs. “Managed care” describes a group of stratgies aimed at reducing the costs of health care for health insurance companies.

There are two basic types of managed care plans; health maintenance organizations, or HMOs, and preferred provider organizations, or PPOs. So which health plan is best? How do you choose what type of health insurance best suits the health care needs of you and your family?

Both HMOs and PPOs contain costs by contracting with health providers for reduced rate on health care services for its’ members, often as much as 60%. One important difference between HMOs and PPOs is that PPOs often will cover the costs of care when the provider is out of their network, but usually at a reduced rate. On the other hand, most HMOs offer no coverage for health care services for out-of-network providers.

Both HMO and PPOs also control health care costs by use of a gateway, or primary care provider (PCP). Health insurance plan members are assigned (or select) a primary care practitioner (physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner). usually a family practitioner or internal medicine doctor for adult members or a pediatrician or family care practitioner for childern. The primary care provider is responsible for coordianting health delivery for plan members. Care by specialist physicians require referral from the primary care provider. This cost containment strategy is intended to avoid duplication of services (for example, the cardiologist ordering tests that have already been done by the PCP, or a sprained ankle being referred to an orthopedic) and avoid unnecessary specialist referrals, tests and/or procedures.

HMO and PPO plans also contain costs by requiring prior approval, prior authorization, or pre-certification for many elective hospital admissions, surgeries, costly tests and imaging procedures, durable medical equipment and prescription drugs. When such services are required, the provider must submit a request to the health insurance plan review department, along with medical records that justify the service. The request is reviewed by the health insurance company to determine whether the services are justified as “medically necessary” according to the health plan policy and guidelines. Review is usually performed by licensed nurses, and, if the reviewer agrees that the service is necessary, approval is given and the service will be covered by the health insurance plan.

As health care costs continue to rise, many indemnity health insurance plans, or “fee for service” plans are being forced to adopt some managed care strategies in order to provide quality health care and keep health insurance premiums affordable. And as long as health care costs continue to rise, the distinctions among PPO, HMO, FFS and other health insurance plans will become blurred. Rest assured, however, that managed health care is here to stay.

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How You Can Save Up To 47 Percent On Your Health Insurance Right Now

Do Not Read This Unless You are Making a lot of Money!:

If you would like to know how you can save up to 47% on your current Health Insurance Coverage read on… this is going to be one of the most informative messages you will ever read. After reading this message you will never going to have words; expensive and health insurance in the same sentence.

As you already know health insurance costs are at highest they have ever been and there is no sign of them slowing down. More and more Americans are forced to cancel their coverage simply just because they cannot afford it.
Who are the uninsured?

o Approximately 46 million Americans, or 15.7 percent of the population, were without health insurance in 2004 (the latest government data available).

o The number of uninsured rose 800,000 between 2003 and 2004 and has increased by 6 million since 2000.

o The increase in the number of uninsured in 2004 was focused among working age adults. The percentage of working adults (18 to 64) who had no health coverage climbed from 18.6 percent in 2003 to 19.0 percent in 2004. An increase of over 750,000 in 2004.

o Nearly 82 million people – about one-third of the population below the age of 65 spent a portion of either 2002 or 2003 without health coverage.

o The number of uninsured children in 2004 was 8.3 million – or 11.2 percent of all children in the U.S. (1).

You might say that I have great coverage that I am happy with… that’s totally fine.

For past sever years average rate increase for health insurance was 16.2% and what if it keeps on going? If you are right now paying $500 per month for your health insurance in three years from now you would expect to pay over $780 for the same plan. Wait… we all know that insurance companies consistently decrease their benefits and increase co-pays and deductible. Therefore you will pay more for less coverage. By the way if you keep same plan for over five years you will pay over $1000 a month just for your medical coverage. What if you use your Health Insurance?… Chances are if it is not for a regular doctor visits or a check ups it would be considered pre-existing condition. That means your chances of changing to a more affordable coverage in the future will be nearly impossible. That is one of the main reasons people cancel their health insurance because they were diagnosed with something or taking a prescription medication and the insurance company kept raising their rate until they could not qualify for any other coverage and could not afford the one they had.

Now you are saying I do not need coverage my spouse works for a company and I have group coverage… Great.

What would happen if your spouse left that job or the company stopped providing benefits? Probably the most obvious things that you can see how much that group coverage is really costing you. Next time check how much is deducted out of the paycheck for health coverage, especially for dependents. Group plans do cost more money because by law they are what are called “guaranteed issue”. That means you can have serious medical conditions and still get coverage. Insurance companies have to follow the law and they know they have to accept everyone who works for a large company, therefore they do charge more money for coverage. The biggest problem is not the cost of group health insurance it is what happens if some one, while on the group plan, is diagnosed with a condition or starts to take prescriptions medications. We get back to same issues as mentioned before, unable to qualify for health insurance in the future. There are people that want to leave their job but they cannot because they are going through treatment and cannot to pay for it on their own.

There is another solution… Some might save, so what is the point of even having health insurance. Once you diagnosed with something and insurance company is going to keep raising rates to the point where I am going to have to cancel it anyway. Especially if something does happen and I have to use my coverage I might not be working and I might not have income. Is my insurance company is still going to keep raising my rates? YES.

Before you think about canceling your coverage consider this. Here are some statistics

o A recent study by Harvard University researchers found that the average out-of-pocket medical debt for those who filed for bankruptcy was $12,000. In addition, the study found that 50 percent of all bankruptcy filings were partly the result of medical expenses. Every 30 seconds in the United States someone files for bankruptcy in the aftermath of a serious health problem.

o Illness and medical bills caused half of the 1,458,000 personal bankruptcies in 2001, according to a study published by the journal Health Affairs.

o Average day in the hospital is $7500 per day.

How can you save up to 47% on your health insurance? Simple… You probably already heard of Health Saving Accounts. They are becoming more and more popular everyday. With the way health insurance prices are moving today Health Saving Accounts are the only way to keep your coverage, save hundreds per month on your health insurance and still have a peace of mind.

To this day I was not able to hear a good definition that everyone can understand. I will do everything I can to make it simple to understand. The easiest way to understand Health Saving Accounts is to think of them as Roth IRA or your Company’s 401k plan. Instead of giving your money away to insurance company you get to keep it more of it for yourself. The way HSA plans work is there health insurance combined with savings account which works in a similar way to your retirement account. There tremendous benefits to have HSA qualified health plan. First all the money that you put in to your HSA account is 100% tax deductible and it is your money that rolls over year after year. At the age of 65 and up if you have not used up all of your HSA money you can roll it over in to your retirement account. Second your health insurance costs are going to be cut almost in half. For example if you had Health Insurance plan with $2500 deductible now and it is costing you $300 per month the same plans with HSA qualified plan, now will cost you only about $160 per month. The reason you save so much money with HSA qualified health plan is because HSA qualified plans do not cover anything until the deductible is met. There are exceptions depending on the Health Insurance Company. Some insurance companies will pay for your once a year physical before you meet your deductible.

Let take an example of how HSA qualified plan could benefit you. Let take some actual numbers from actual health insurance company. In this example I am going to use HSA plans from company called Assurant Health. Assurant Health is leader in Health Saving Accounts and they one of the first companies to implement them. The main reason is that Assurant Health is part of the world’s largest financial company that sets up retirement accounts. In this example I am going to use a family of four, husband 46, wife 42, kids are 12 and 16. On a regular family plan with $2500 deductible, maximum out of pocket of $5500, co-insurance of 80% and doctor visits covered with $35 co-pay, they are going to pay $676.40. Something to keep in mind that all of the regular PPO plans that are available on the market today have family deductible which is double of individual deductible. That means that if you have a plan with $2500 deductible and $5500 maximum out of pocket that means that your family deductible is $5000 and your family maximum out of pocket is $11,000. When we are comparing HSA qualified health plans there is only one deductible, once you meet it you are covered at 100% on the most plans. There are some companies and plans that you still might be responsible for the percent age of the bill until you reach your maximum out of pocket. Most HSA plans do not have maximum out of pocket that meant once you met your deductible you are covered at 100%, it’s that simple. The same plan with $5700 deductible for the entire family with HSA qualified health plans will only be $491.64 per month. For the total monthly savings of 184.76 per month. Also your maximum out of pocket will decrease from $11,000 on a regular plan to $5700 with HSA health plan. That’s yearly savings of $2,217.12 and additional savings of $5300 on the maximum out of pocket. (that’s if you have had to use the plan for emergencies) The main reason for starting HSA health insurance is for Saving Account and being able to put money in to account, at your discretion, tax free. You can put money in to HSA qualified account up to your deductible and you do not have to put any money in to that account if you do not want to. Health Saving Accounts are as flexible as you would want them to be. TO get more information on HSA accounts and get quotes for HSA qualified health coverage see my bio.

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Enhance Breast Size Naturally – Herbal Bust Enhancing Creams, Pills and Serums

The best natural way to enhance breast size is use of bust enhancing creams, pills and serums. The reason being, that these supplements contain herbal and natural compounds as ingredients and caste no side effects. These are easy to use and no special regimen has to be followed to get desired results and the most important reason is that they are very effective.

These creams, pills and serums are made by using time tested herbs in their pure and original form. These herbs are effective in their own rights but when blended together in these products produce even better and all round positive effects than what one get using them singularly. Some natural compounds are also used as ingredients in these products which one may not get through diet. These pills and creams are made by keeping in mind all the possible reasons causing the problem.

Hormonal imbalances and fluctuations that a woman faces in her life are the major cause of sagging and under developed breasts. The creams and pills for natural enhancement of breast size address the hormonal imbalance or lack of hormonal production well which consequently naturally enhance the breast size. Hormonal imbalance may be present due to genetic reasons, stressed life style, malnutrition at young age, menopause and menstrual cycles. Bust enhancing creams contain fenugreek seeds extract, fennel seeds extract, blessed thistle and kelp for hormonal balance, hormonal production and promotion of efficient utilization of hormones by the body. Better hormonal utilization naturally enhances breast size.

Herbal ingredients and supplements provide the body with natural estrogens which are essential for the growth of mammary gland and breast tissue. Promotion of prostaglandin hormone in the body stimulates the growth of breast tissue too. Dong qui a Chinese herb promotes better absorption of hormones produced by the body. All of these herbs blended together collectively enhance the breast size naturally and quickly

These bust enhancing creams and pills also supplement the body by essential amino acid L-trysine improves functioning of adrenal, pituitary and thyroid glands. This amino acid also improves production of growth hormones which reduce fat and build body muscles. Saw palmetto is an excellent ingredient of naturally breast size enhancing creams, pills and serums. This natural herb prevents atrophy of mammary gland, maintenance of mammary gland augurs well for fuller and firmer looks of bust.

Exercise and nutritious diet also compliment the effects of bust enhancing creams, pills and serums. Exercises improve blood circulation in the body which is good for over all health and it also helps in reducing excess fat off the body which helps in making one feel fitter and younger for better hormonal production. Massage of breast is also helpful while using breast enhancing creams and pills and helps effectively to increase breast size naturally. Nutritious diet containing all the necessary and vital nutrients and minerals is good for health and provide the body with essential amino acids responsible for growth of tissues of all body parts. Proper rest and sleep are very helpful in maintaining hormonal imbalance and keeping stress at bay. Avoiding over consumption of tea, coffee and alcohol surely helps in getting quick and desired results.

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Discount Health Cards-Consumer Driven Health Care

Discount Health Care Cards-Consumer Driven Healthcare

What are discount health cards? Discount health cards provide one part of the solution to the nation’s healthcare crisis by enabling consumers to purchase healthcare products and services at discounted retail rates. Discount health cards are not insurance and are not intended to replace insurance. In fact, many consumers choose a discount card to complement their health insurance program, filling in gaps such as prescription drug benefits or vision care.

Why Choose a Discount Health Card? Discount health cards are NOT insurance.

Discount health cards enable consumers to purchase healthcare products and services from providers at discounted prices, similar to the rates that healthcare providers charge wholesale customers such as preferred provider networks (PPOs) or large insurance plans.

Many consumers choose a discount card to complement their health insurance program, filling in gaps, such as prescription drug benefits, chiropractic care, dental or vision care.

Discount health cards have gained popularity because they provide consumers access to the healthcare they need without the limitations, exclusions and paperwork associated with insurance plans.

In addition, discount health programs typically include the cardholder’s entire household.

How You Benefit with a Discount Health Card? Discount health programs, or discount benefits cards as they are sometimes called, were created to help bridge the gap for consumers burdened by the increasing cost of healthcare by providing opportunities to directly purchase healthcare services and products at discounted retail rates. Discount cards offer:

Access: Individuals and families without insurance can use discount programs to receive access to and substantial savings on health care services such as doctor visits, hospitalization, prescription drugs, eyeglasses and dental care that they might otherwise not afford.

Affordability: While insurance rates have increased at double-digit rates over the past 12 years, discount card providers have kept their rates virtually unchanged.

Savings: Those with limited insurance, the under-insured, and insured individuals with high deductibles can reduce out-of-pocket expenses and receive discounts for services not normally covered by insurance such as chiropractic care.

Choice: In some cases, consumers with discount health cards pay less for services such as dental and vision care than those covered by traditional insurance plans.

Convenience: Discount programs are accepted at some of the nation’s largest healthcare retailers including national pharmacy and optical chains. While each program varies, many companies offer programs with providers that include:

* Pearle * LensCrafters * Medicine Shoppe

* Eckerd’s * Safeway * Wal-Mart

* Sears * Target, and many more!

What types of services are typically included by discount health cards? Discount health cards include a wide range of services and products including dental services, prescription drugs, vision care, chiropractic procedures, hearing care, physician/hospital & ancillary services, nurse medical information lines, vitamins and emergency care for travelers. Choose a program that offers discounts on services that you need and that you will use.

Who should use discount health cards? The wide array of choices in the discount health card industry and the many discounts available make it possible for everyone to enjoy the benefits of discount health cards. Discount health cards are designed to provide benefits for a wide-range of consumers. For individuals and families without insurance, discount health cards offer substantial savings on healthcare services such as doctor visits and on everyday health related expenses including prescription drugs, eyeglasses and dental care that they might otherwise not afford.

For those with limited insurance, the under-insured, and insured individuals with high deductibles, discount health cards can reduce out-of-pocket expenses and offer discounts for services that may not be covered by insurance such as chiropractic care.

In some instances, discount health cards for ancillary health services and products such as vision, dental and chiropractic care offer services at overall out-of-pocket costs lower than insurance co-payments.

For these reasons, many of the country’s Fortune 500 companies now offer discount health cards to their employees as part of their benefits packages.

How do consumers get discount health cards and how do the cards work? You can obtain discount health cards either through your employer, an association, union, or another entity with which you are connected or you can go directly through a reputable discount healthcare program.

Signing up for a card is easy. Complete an application and pay a nominal monthly fee. In some instances, your employer will pay the fee. To access care and receive savings, a cardholder must simply provide the card to a participating provider at the time health services are rendered and pay the discounted fee.

How do discount healthcare programs offer such benefits? Discount healthcare programs enable members to access similar rates that healthcare providers charge wholesale customers such as preferred provider networks (PPO) or large insurance plans. The difference is that instead of financing the medical expenses of members by charging high monthly rates, consumers agree to pay a discounted fee to the provider directly at the time of service.

What is the difference between discount health cards and health insurance? Discount health cards are not insurance. Card companies who indicate otherwise are not being truthful. Unlike health insurance, there is no sharing of risk by the consumer and the discount healthcare company.

Discount health cards afford consumers the opportunity to directly purchase health care services and products from providers at amounts discounted below their retail rates. Cardholders are required to pay the provider’s discounted fees in full at the time healthcare services are rendered or as dictated by the provider’s agreement. Consumers are free to make their own choices about which services to purchase and from whom to make those purchases.

Insurance plans, on the other hand, define specific benefits available to the consumer at rates determined by the plan purchaser. Insurance plans also pay health care providers on behalf of the consumer.

Do I still need insurance if I have a discount health card? That’s a decision each consumer must make. Discount cards and insurance plans frequently provide complementary benefits. That is why many of the nation’s leading companies offer their employees both insurance plans and discount cards. Each individual should evaluate his or her own health needs and the various benefits offered by each type of program.

Why has there been controversy surrounding some discount health card providers? Millions of consumers have embraced discount health cards because of their value and simplicity. This popularity has led a number of companies to enter the discount health card business. Unfortunately, not all of them are reputable. Some card providers charge steep up-front fees or promise dramatic savings they can’t deliver, while others bombard consumers with misleading and confusing sale pitches.

For more information and clarification contact:

Alan Masters

800-795-6823 Toll Free

530-318-6971 Cell

[] Website email

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How You Can Get Bigger Breasts Naturally (Without Expensive Surgery)

Have you often wondered how to get bigger breasts? Many women want the allure of bigger breasts but worry about the cost and dangers of implants. There are ways to increase your breast size without these risks! In this article you will learn what works when it comes to enhancing what mother nature gave you.

As most of us know, implants can pose a serious threat to your health, not to mention how unnatural the look is. Why risk putting foreign substances such as saline or silicone into your body when there are other natural methods that work to increase breast size? Here are some tips on how you can get bigger breasts naturally.

1. Exercise – Although exercise won’t actually increase the fat content or cup size of your breasts, it will help to lift and firm. This not only increases cleavage, it also gives the overall look of larger breasts. Doing 3 sets of 12 push ups and 3 sets of 12 chest presses with light weights every other day will do the trick.

2. Massage – Many people don’t realize that doing massage can increase their breast size! The massage technique of using firm pressure in a circular motion around the breast for about 3 to 5 minutes each day increases circulation in the breast tissue and helps breasts look fuller and firmer.

3. Natural supplements – This is the best kept secret to how to get bigger breasts. Natural herbal pills and creams are much different from the supplements of years ago. Todays pills contain ingredients such as wild yam, fennel seed, blessed thistle and dong quai, just to name a few. These herbs interact with each other in the body to target the breast tissue and cause breast growth.

Natural herbal supplements, when fused together in the body form phytoestrogen, which is very similar to the natural estrogen found in a womans body. These phytoestrogens are delivered straight to the breast tissue and mammary glands, increasing growth.

Women have been wondering how to get bigger breasts for decades without resorting to methods that could harm their health. By using the above tips and adding a good breast cream to the regimen, it is possible to increase your cup size by 1 to 3 cups in just a few months time.

Most women using these techniques will see a noticeable improvement within just two months time. Ultimate results occur around 6 months if products are used as directed, and approximately 90% of women will experience very significant results!

I hope these tips on how to get bigger breasts have helped you learn a little about what works. To learn more, visit the links below!

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Discovering Which Breast Enhancement Pills Really Work

Do you want to know which breast enhancement pills really work? Are you on the lookout for an effective product that can help you achieve fuller, firmer and bigger breasts? Do you want to feel sexier and more desirable the natural way and without having to undergo risky surgical procedures? Then it is about time you discover natural breast enhancement pills that can deliver results fast, safely yet effectively.

If you want to know which breast enhancement pills really work, you should consider several factors in choosing a product. First, know its active ingredients. If it is made from a blend of natural herbs and plants proven by science to have breast enhancing properties, then it is a sign of a good start. Second, a good breast enhancement pill promotes wellness and stimulates growth of breast tissues the natural way. Third, there are no unwanted side effects. Fourth, guarantees 95% success rate and results are supported by science.

Choosing which breast enhancement pills really work can be quite tricky as some products tend to give women false hopes. Some can even cause side effects such as weight gain while others simply do not deliver results. It is important to choose a credible brand that is supported by nature and science in helping women achieve fuller and bigger breast size.

Furthermore, a good breast enhancement pill should also have other health benefits aside from its body enhancing properties. Some of these health benefits include reduction of risks for certain diseases such as cancer and a decreased intensity of menopause symptoms.

There are a lot of products that can help in enhancing the woman’s breast and you will find many reviews about them on the net. Not all however, are true to what they promise. What’s worse is that there are some that prove to be ineffective and unsafe to use. As a woman, you deserve a product that can help you achieve the breasts size you have always wanted the natural and safe way.

Furthermore, breast firming properties are also important in choosing the right product. This feature and benefit, together with what have been mentioned above, can be found in the wonder product Mirifem Full Potential Breast Beauty Formula Enhancement Pills.

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12 Ways to Cut Health Care Costs

Good genes can go a long way toward helping you stay healthy. And the healthier you are, the less your health insurance is likely to cost.

But if you drew the short end of the stick (so to speak) when it comes to genetic inheritance, you can still slash health care costs–and improve your health–by following a few simple guidelines:

  • Choose your health insurer wisely. Don’t just pick the one with the cheapest plan; aim instead for a policy with the benefits you need at a price you can afford.
  • Know what your health plan covers–and what it doesn’t–and follow the rules. Double-check whether the services and providers you need are covered under your plan ahead of time…before you receive treatment. Then make sure you follow the appropriate procedures regarding appointments, claims and referrals.
  • Coordinate health insurance plans. If you and your spouse both work and have employer-sponsored health plans, be careful to avoid duplicate coverage. This can drain your wallet, causing you to pay more for benefits than is really necessary. If you do decide to maintain both coverages, however, make sure you understand how the plans will mesh together…especially if one or both of you belongs to an HMO.
  • Plan ahead. Clarify which doctors, hospitals and emergency services belong to your plan’s network–and under what circumstances you may use them. Write this information down, and keep it close by in case of emergency. You’ll avoid excessive out-of-pocket expenses and make things easier on yourself when it comes to filing claims.
  • Use generic drugs, rather than name brand. Your health insurer considers generics “cost effective,” so they’re willing to bear a greater percentage of their cost than that of name brand drugs. You can cut costs by an average of $10-$40 per prescription by using generics, whenever possible.
  • Take advantage of health care spending accounts. These enable you to pay for certain out-of-pocket medical expenses, such as dental and vision care, on a pre-tax basis.
  • Lose weight. According to recent studies, being obese can add as much as $395 per year to your health care costs. That’s more than smoking, aging 20 years, or drinking excessively! Not only is being overweight bad for your health; it can also make finding good health insurance coverage difficult.
  • Quit smoking. The cost of smoking escalates your health care expenses by one-third over your lifetime. This means greater claims risk for your insurer–and higher health insurance premiums for you. So kick the habit and save your money for other things. You’ll live longer, and get cheaper health insurance rates, too!
  • Increase your exercise level. This is also a great way to get healthy, live longer and save money on your health insurance.
  • Participate in free or low-cost community health services. Many HMOs and local departments of health offer free blood pressure checks, flu shots, classes on nutrition and diet, and other lifestyle programs. Take advantage of these resources to help you stay healthy and active.
  • Raise your health insurance deductible or co-pay level. You can lower your health insurance premiums by raising the amount you pay for your deductible or co-pay. Just make sure you have enough money saved to cover the increased expenses up front.
  • Make health insurers compete for your business. Use an online shopping service like to get free quotes, competitive rates and great health insurance coverage. This puts the choice in yourhands–and gives you more control over your health insurance decisions.
  • Finding cheap health insurance isn’t easy…but it can be done.

    So take these tips to heart, and do what it takes get the coverage you deserve. You’ll stick around longer–and so will your money!

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    Breast Cancer Prevention – Keeping it at Bay

    The good news is that the number of new cases of breast cancer dropped from 1999 to 2005, which may be due to the reduction in the use of hormone replacement therapy. I would like to think it may be partially due to more knowledge and awareness of causes and methods of prevention. Making prevention a daily activity is your best defense against breast cancer. Along with monitoring your breast health with regular medical screenings, follow these strategies for reducing your risk.

    Cut Your Chemical Exposure

    This mainly refers to plastics. Certain chemicals interfere with your body’s hormonal balance and could harm breast health. To reduce your exposure to chemicals such as bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates, use products that are make from glass, ceramic, or stainless steel whenever possible.

    Choose Your Produce Carefully

    Aim for five to nine servings a day of fruits and vegetables. Researchers have found that the synergistic effect of the consumption of a wide variety of colorful fruits and vegetables may thwart the development of breast tumors. It’s not one single item that is going to be a miracle cure, but the combination of many working together. Some of the vitamins and antioxidants actually work more efficiently when their synergistic partner or partners are around. Also, try to stay away from those heavily sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. A list of fruits and vegetables with the highest pesticide load can be found at Lastly, don’t forget to thoroughly wash all produce, even organic, to remove any remaining chemicals.

    Limit Your Red Meat Consumption

    Eating red meat one time, or less, per week may lower your risk for breast cancer. Beef contains harmful compounds ranging from hormones and antibiotics given to them directly to accelerate their growth, to pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides given to them by way of their feed which ends up in their muscle (the meat we eat). Look for organic meats, at least lowering your chances for harmful chemical consumption, and avoid charred (burnt) meats. They can be high in carcinogens and promote unhealthy cell growth.

    Limit Your Alcohol Consumption

    Let’s face it, there is very little alcohol is good for except a buzz. It’s smarter to just leave the stuff alone. But, if you want to know how much is too much, then limit intake to less than five drinks a week. This limit even goes for the “wonderful” red wine, everyone supposedly drinks for hearth health.

    Watch Your Weight

    By eating small, healthy, frequent meals, and exercising at least 5 days a week, you should be able to control your weight. Sticking with a Mediterranean-style diet (for example) and incorporating physical activity are essential to guard against breast cancer. Obese women are more than twice as likely to develop breast cancer when compared to their non-obese counterparts.

    In conclusion, antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals are ALL essential players in the fight against breast cancer. No one nutrient is more important than any other, especially when they all work synergistically, needing specific properties from each other to reach their own full potential. They can all be supplemented, and sometimes should be, to obtain the adequate amounts needed to make a difference. Quality, consistency, and knowledge are very important to properly choose supplements. Always buy from a reputable company who sells only top of the line, quality products.

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    Can a Breast Massage Enhance Your Bust?

    Facts About Breast Massage

    We tone our bodies and what happens when we tone, we lift our muscles back to where they should be showing a more toned and defined shape. It is a fact breast massaging will create a better shape because you are stimulating the blood supply so creating more fullness of the breast and all with simple massage techniques. You will accelerate blood circulation, activate cell renewal and you will feel healthy and sexy.

    Prevention as they say is what we must try to do, while it cannot rule out the possibility of breast cancer we can do what we can to try to prevent it. Regular Massaging of the breasts removes toxins from the lymphatic system, as well as by improving lymph flow.

    Proper massage motions that are performed with the correct pressure can help flush fluids from the breasts that hold toxins.

    Improved immune system following massage therapy has been conducted and found to be improved.

    Proper massage is one of the best ways to help create a better shape, and promote growth of the breast and the area surrounding the breast. It is even claimed moderate breast massage can help to prevent cancer.Benefits is that the stimulation given to the skin can help keep the ligaments of the breast in good health, which can provide better support and easing tightness and swelling.

    Many have reported it supports this type of massage as a means for breast enlargement and breast health. You should aim to fit this in to your daily routine to see good improvements and this therapy has been proven to promote healthy breast tissue, reduce fibroids and cysts.

    Many women suffer the discomfort and swelling in the bust area associated with the pre-menstrual cycle, you will see a vast improvement in helping to relieve these symptoms once you start massaging. Any type of massage therapy is very relaxing and good for your health and its a well known healing tool in so many ways.

    I am not saying you will achieve big breasts but you will tone and lift and create the fullness that would have been lost through having children, drastic weight loss and other health issues.

    It is proven stimulating the breast through massage will increase the blood flow and the fullness so you owe to yourself to try it as anyone can do it.

    There are many massage techniques that you can do including lots of videos showing how it should be done.

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