Elancyl Remodeling Bust Firming Cream-gel for Neck, Shoulders, Breast 50 Ml

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Beauty Expertise
High, shapely breasts.
To improve the tonicity of your breasts, neck and
shoulders, this skin care solution combines firming
and anti oxidizing active ingredients to visibly restructure
skin elasticity and firmness.
Smoother and well nourished, it is once again able to
assume its natural support function.
Re-sculpted and shaped, the curve of the breast is
visibly improved.

Vitamin E precursor: prevent the slackening
Elastin + Fibrillin: firmness and restructure of support tissue
PG alginate: tensor micro-matrix
Moisturizing and nourishing complex

Massage your breasts every day.
Apply ELANCYL REMODELING BUST CARE first to each breast,
and then to the neck and shoulders.
Cross your hand across your body and massage into each
area in enveloping, circular movements working from the
breasts up to the neck.

  • Neck, shoulders, breast
  • Re-sculpt, shape and smooth