Embrace Active Scar Defense Silicone Scar Sheets For New Scar Treatment, Small (1.6″), 3 ct., 30 Day Supply

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Each Embrace Active Scar Defense box contains 3, 1.6″ dressings. Each dressing will last 10 days on average. The complete treatment (3 dressings) will last for 30 days when used as directed. For c-sections, tummy tucks, or cuts Embrace has a treatment for all sizes. Join the thousands of customers who are reducing scars while maximizing beauty! Embrace Active Scar Defense is for use in scar management on new, closed hypertrophic or keloid scars. Embrace is typically applied 2-4 weeks after surgery on a closed, dry incision and worn for approximately 8 weeks. For newly formed scars, Embrace Active Scar Defense can be applied up to 6 months post-surgery. The best way to prevent scar formation is to treat a new scar right after surgery or injury, 1 to 6 months after sutures are removed. The earlier a scar is treated, the better the results. By gently contracting and holding together both sides of your closed incision, and protecting and stabilizing the tissue while preventing scar formation, Embrace Active Scar Defense goes beyond messy scar cream or flimsy scar tape. 92% of Embrace patients and physicians rated Embrace treated scars as better vs. leaving untreated

  • embrace Active Scar Defense prevents new, visible, raised scars by relieving skin's natural tension
  • Patented Stress-Shield silicone sheets are medical grade, nearly invisible, water resistant, mess, and hassle free
  • Contains 3, 1.6" treatment dressings that last for 10 days each on average
  • Embrace Active Scar Defense Small treats scars up to 1.6"
  • Shrinks, softens, and smooths new scars from cuts, injuries, or surgeries