GAMT 5 Pairs Adhesive Nipple Covers with Lift Tape Disposable Breast Petal Pasties for Backless Dresses  Flower One Size

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This chest is suitable for women of any size to wear
The covers are self adhesive, washable and reusable.
It is a perfect choice for a smooth look with or without your bra, especially when wearing under T-shirts,sweaters, sheer bras, sports bras, and bathing suits or figure-hugging dress, etc.
Once you put on nipple covers, you don’t have to worry about your nipples showing Thru your clothes. The good part is that it is reusable many times.
Package includes:5 PairX Nipple Covers

3 MONTHS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:Free to replacement or return within 7 days ,if any quality problem within 3 months ,we would like to resend the product or make a full refund for you.
Please don’t not use if you have any type of skin allergy. Do not use if you have a skin infection or if you have any skin problems, pigment problems or family history of such. You may have red marks on your skin after removing Bare Lifts (TM). Red marks should disappear after some time. If any skin irritation should occur while wearing this product, discontinue use. Consult a GP. The tape must not be used for any other purpose other than its intended use. This product should not be worn if you are breastfeeding. Do not wear while sleeping

  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL--Nipple Covers No Show Breast Petals are self-adhesive . We use Hypoallergenic Adhesive and Silk Cloth that guarantees a secure fit all day or night long no matter what. Our adhesive is proven to have the longest staying power of any nipple cover and will last you the longest.
  • FEATURES--Invisible, Push-up bra without unsightly shoulder or back straps. Attach directly to the skin, great to use with strapless and low-cut outfits and strapless dresses.
  • ONE TIME USE--Disposable nipple covers and breast lifter made for one time use, very conveniently and cleanly.
  • PACKAGE--5 pair nipple cover pasties and 5 pair bra lift tapes.
  • ESPECIALLY NOTE:The Nipple stickers is very thin, larger chest lead to deformation of the Nipple stickers, Nipple stickers, strong sticky,SPECIAL WARNINGS:When removing the Nipple stickers, you must rinse with warm water to reduce stickiness.