Gorkevinbeauty Electric Breast massager, breast enhancement augmentation, breast enlargement massage, anti-chest sagging, invisible wireless(blue)

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Product Description
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Product Description:
It can effectively promote breast development and expansion of breast capillaries, strengthen the elasticity of the breast ligament, stock fat nutrition, promote breast development, stimulate the female hormones and the secondary breast growth, to give you a perfect breast shape and allow you to say goodbye to a flat, thin and asymmetric chest.Magnetic therapy is safe and comfortable and it gives you a full and round chest.

Technical parameters:
Size (diameter * height): 125 mm*40mm
Weight: 300 g
Input voltage: 5V/500mA
Nominal voltage: 3 .7V
Nominal capacity: 1500mAH

Easy to use:
1. Recharge the massagers
A light that is up means a normal charge, when it goes out, the charge is already completed.
2.Put the two breast massagers under your bra, adjust them to make you feel comfortable.
Touch the switch to turn on the product.
Touch the switch again and again to choose the program that you want until the last one, and then it repeats itself.
To turn it off, press the switch for a long time. The program will be saved automatically and you can restart next time.
After the device has turned off, when the user turns on a single product, it will enter a single execution mode. Only when you turn on another, can you choose the programs and they will work in harmony.

  • 40 bright particles of red and blue light- those of red light can rejuvenate the skin and those of blue light can whiten it, remarkable effect.
  • Safe and comfortable magnetic therapy-with Marlene's mineral pebble.
  • Compact and easy to carry; Wireless-can be hidden under bra, invisible; and can be used at any place, at any time as you want.
  • material of Silicone of a quality as good as that of a pacifier.
  • Lotus design with eleven massage heads for each masseur.