HenMerry Dual Vacuum Suction Cup Breast Enlargement Pump Set (Pink- Electric pump)

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Size: Pump cups have 130mm(5.11in) inner diameter, 110mm(4.33in) deep

Clear cups allow you to view the action.

New concept of breast enhancement, according to the principle of female physiology, using the method of vacuum negative pressure physiotherapy, increase the chest muscles, promote blood flow and direct radiation, stimulate the pituitary secretion, balance ovarian produce estrogen, directly to the breast sponge to expand, so that flat and tiny breasts in the short term become breasts tall and straight. It is the most effective and safe principle of physical radiation that has been recognized by medicine.

Effective method:

First, the bra buckle, switch on the suction (suction strength can control their own), and keep 10 to 15 minutes (don’t suck deflate it and then breathe again, so not only no effect will be easy to damage the controller), and then hand massage the chest 5 to 10 minutes (a very important part, or the effect is not obvious, and it can also correct the situation of partial recovery of suction). So that the completion of a part, each 2 to 3 cycles, the specific number and time can be adjusted according to their own situation, the best day to do in the morning and once a night, it is time to do every night! Efforts should be gradual, don’t worry; Are you going to do every day, not less is not all, more is not necessarily faster, less effect will not be good.

  • NOTE: Electric pump is battery powered,Electric pump need 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • Material:Medical Polymer non-toxic materials
  • Package include: 2 Vacuum cups, Simple, easy to use design
  • Simply place the pump cups over your breasts, squeeze the bulb, and pump your breasts to the desired level.
  • Notice: Minors are prohibited to use it.