Pure Essence Labs Breast D – Vitamin D3 With DIM – Calcium D-Glucarate – Green Tea & Lycopene – 30 Vegetarian Capsules

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Breast Health Is Important For Women’s Overall Well-Being Studies show that vitamin D is crucial for breast health. Yet less than one in ten Americans get the amount of vitamin D that studies suggest is optimal for breast health. With 4000 IUs of vitamin D3 and potent levels of DIM, calcium D-glucarate, green tea and lycopene, Breast-D is a superb breast support system. It can be used with any bone support supplement, or with any multiple that does not provide more than 2000 additional IUs of vitamin D per day. GMO Free – Yeast Free – Dairy Free – Gluten Free – Vegetarian Featured in Vitamin Retailer magazine in the “Keeping Abreast of the Situation” section of Women’s Health. Be Pro-Active About Your Breast Health! Get Your Breast D Today!

  • - Vitamin D3 is best known for its critical role in bone health - Research has shown that adequate levels of D3 also support healthy blood sugar levels and protect the health of the breast, prostate, bowel and cardiovascular system
  • - DIM - Promotes beneficial estrogen metabolism in both women and men - Supports prostate health in men and breast health in women
  • - Calcium D-Glucarate - Supports breast tissue by helping the liver to more effectively detoxify potentially toxic exogenous hormones
  • - Green Tea - EGCG provides enhanced protection for breast cells
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