Pure Style Girlfriends Pick Me Up Breast Lift Tape Waterproof Sweatproof, Clear, One Size

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How to remove: Gently pull down from the top of the tape while supporting the weight of your breast with your hand. If the adhesive feels difficult to remove, use any oil (olive oil, cooking oil, baby oil, etc.) and rub in between the tape and your skin. Rub the oil next to the skin as you peel down the tape. This will help release the tape from your skin. Important: Do not pull off skin like a band-aid.

  • Sweat-proof and water-proof breast lift tape lifts breasts 2" without bra
  • Adhesive free area over nipple for painfree removal
  • Sweatproof & waterproof: swim all day or dance all night
  • Patented design is the only breast lift tape that covers the nipple with a painfree non-adhesive strip
  • Designed for women that are a 32A - 36C/34D