Woman Breast Vacuum Pump Large Breast Suction Twin 2 Cups Cupping System Breast Enlargement Nipple Firmer Massager

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The vacuum stretches the breast tissue gently over a sustained period of time. When cells are stretched, they respond both by swelling temporarily and by replicating until, eventually, the cells divide to accommodate stretch force. The new tissue is identical to the woman’s original breast tissue, and feels the same both to her and from the “outside.” Using it longer and more often- does produce faster results. Pump to a comfortable pressure and hold that for 10 to 15 minutes on each breast twice a day. Do not over pump, if there is pain or discomfort then release the pressure. Cup diameter 12cm.Package include:2x Cups,1 x pump,1 x Manual

  • The method does not involve injection or medication, but physiotherapy treatment only
  • Light and durable plastic breast cups,Removable rubber ring on each cup for tight seal, comfort, and easy cleaning
  • Very easy to use.Simply attach the hose to the pump cup and place the cup over your breast.
  • Breast can be increased safely, effectively and satisfactorily at your own home
  • Works for different breast sizes. Best for small to medium sized breasts!